• Personalized Oncology

    Personalized Oncology

    A complete solution devised to help cancer patients. 
    Utilize all options and maximize your chances for a remission.


Are you looking for an expert in integrated diagnostic and treatment plan execution?  

 Have you exhausted all standard options and seek a novel therapy?

 Clinical Trials 

Clinical trials are a staple of medicine innovation and a prime option for novel treatment outside of standard healthcare systems. However, a major limiting factor is that only a few are located in the nearest vicinity. Interdisciplinary cooperation and data sharing could be crucial in improving chances for receiving possibly curative therapy.    


Molecular Diagnostics

Every tumor and every patient have a unique molecular profile that demands a broad scope analysis and a meticulous characterization. Innovative diagnostic tools allow for a better understanding of the carcinogenesis (a cancer disease development). Discovered distinct traits are indispensable to tailor therapy to each individual. 


Molecular Oncology

Currently, only 3-5% of cancer patients receive targeted therapy. Molecular testing can vastly improve a patient’s chance of personalized treatment. Advanced studies show that about 30% of patients could be treated with off-label therapy and over 70% would qualify for clinical trials had they used molecular diagnostics.

Based on The Cancer Genome Atlas data analysis. 

The Rationale 


The development of the most prolific treatment plan is possible only with a deeper look into the molecular structure of a tumor. To find the 'golden bullet', a clearly defined target is needed. Novel diagnostic methods allow for immense insight into cancer biology, which can directly translate into the discovery of the underlying cause of cancer.


Every tumor and human comprise a unique profile that impacts tumor susceptibility, immunologic system response or drug induced toxicity. Clinical trials, off-label and experimental therapies bear a high risk and can have unknown adverse effects. The execution of a treatment plan by an experienced oncologist is crucial. 


A complete solution that combines cutting edge diagnostics and unlimited treatment options with a goal of complete cancer remission. Solely focusing on a single individual, 'not fast, not cheap but precise', along with unconventional principles and methods (e.g. information crowdsourcing) are the definition of Patient Zero.  



Unlimited possibilities. Maximized chances. 



AGILE - There is no prior hypothesis that applies to everyone’s needs, neither is there a universal plan that fits them. Whenever a diagnostic or therapeutic step unveils new possibilities that need follow-up exploration, it demands a flexible and dynamic response suitable for the unique character of an individual patient. 

QUANTUM - Probabilities, big data analysis and trends simply do not work when applied to the investigation of an individual patient. Information is scientifically and clinically verified (TRUE) rather than based on population statistics and odds (BEST). 

ABSOLUTE - Overcoming the problem of cancer, demands decisiveness, determination and zero compromises. There are no half measures. This is about reaching a complete remission and is dedicated for patients willing to take a big risk. 



‘The truth is, most people don’t magically have an idea and execute it. What happens is they find an area that they’re interested in. They immerse themselves in it. They roll up their sleeves. They start mucking around and doing things in that area. And it is through the process of engaging with it that they discover what question they want to solve, first of all, and then what the answer to that question might be.’ Dorie Clark

Outlier responder - a cancer patient that has achieved a spectacular response(durable remission). 


Bartosz Dabek MD

Clinical Oncology – since 2011.

Before you ask! 

How it is done  


To deliver a tailored therapy as conveniently as possible, it takes a unique approach based on highest standards and novel solutions.    

  • Outsource diagnostic service from top professionals.
  • Investigate, validate or even crowdsource every piece of information.
  • Provide thorough analysis and treatment target recognition that is based on existing knowledge.
  • Consider cooperation only with experienced clinicians. 
  • Your anonymized health record and genetic data will be widely available to cancer researchers and clinicians worldwide. 




Limitations & Guarantees  

Firstly, there are no guarantees as there are many unknown obstacles to be cleared and this is not an 'off the shelf' solution for a simple problem.

Diagnostics are time and money consuming processes and even though they can deliver the answer to the problem, there is still a probability that a drug simply does not exist simply because it has not yet been discovered.

PatientZero was founded to provide a holistic support, minimizing patients efforts and time to reach the most effective treatment by overcoming multiple administrative and logistic barriers. Due to the personalized approach and needs, cost and time of realization may vary and cannot be specified at the outset. 


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